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Hello & Welcome…

 nce upon a time, writers shut themselves in their offices, churned out their manuscripts and turned them in. Then, leaving the business of sales and publicity to their publishing houses, they went on to write their next masterpiece with nothing but the occasional book tour or store signing to pull them away from their creative process.

Those times are long gone.

Today, authors are expected to create a platform, build and maintain an internet presence, have an active website. You're encouraged to tweet™, garner a following on FaceBook™, keep a MySpace™ page and write blogs. In short, get yourself out there and sell your books.

In the meantime, be sure to make your deadlines, turn your proofs in on time ­ and what about that proposal for your new series? Then there's "real life" to deal with; the cooking and cleaning, the in-laws, the laundry.

No wonder you feel like you're losing your marbles!

But fear not. I'm Annette, your personal Virtual Author Assistant! I have a big jar o' marbles to share ­ so you can keep yours, and spend more of your time doing what you do best. Write!

I offer a whole jar o'marbles­ Which will you choose?